Motor Control

Just because your body has mobility and muscle function, does not mean you will
automatically begin sleeping, standing, sitting, or moving in a way that supports
the health of your tissues and allows you to function efficiently.

Optimal Posture and Alignment

Many of us have never had ‘good posture,’ nor have we moved in optimal ways. Complete rehabilitation and prevention require training you to have optimum posture, which supports CoreFirst™ Strategies for your daily activities. This training, known as motor learning, helps ensure you have effective motor control — that is, the brain’s ability to automatically (without thought or effort) control your physical actions.

When learning a sport, you first need to make sure you have the necessary flexibility and strength. From there, you can begin the ongoing process of breaking down the sport into small movements, and then slowly put these movements together. Living with physical efficiency is the most important sport you will ever play.

Motor Control Training is the Most
Critical Aspect of Your Care.

This is where you take responsibility. We can mobilize, exercise, and help facilitate
a more efficient body, but only you can maintain and manage how your body
moves and functions.

IPA’s CoreFirst™ Training

As your mobility and neuromuscular function improve, we’ll teach you new postures, movement strategies, and motor control exercises that ensure they become automatic. Our state-of-the-art CoreFirst™ Back Education and Training empower each patient with the knowledge of how to best care for his or her body, develop efficient function, and prevent future injury.

This final phase of our treatment is what allows us to achieve our goal for you — to Discover Your Body’s True Potential™, and to lead an active, pain-free life!

Let’s Use Movement as a Medicine

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