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Whole Body Focus – FMT Method

Functional Manual Therapy® is a comprehensive treatment paradigm that is the consistent quality of care you will receive at any IPA Physio clinic. Just think, “make my body better, and get to the root of the problem”, and you have described in two lines the core values of FMT.

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One-on-One Commitment

You deserve personal attention. You deserve to have physical therapy provided exclusively by a medical expert.

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What We Treat

Our comprehensive approach allows our advanced physical therapists to treat almost any pain or limitation. Whatever your problem, we can probably help.

What We Treat

Your Choice for Physiotherapy

Your body = Your choice. When it comes to Physical Therapy (globally recognized as Physiotherapy), you have the right to choose your physical therapist. You do not have to go where your doctor recommends. Studies show better results when you make choices for your healthcare. Choose the best. Choose IPA Physio.

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Life Changing Stories

Helping people is our passion and motivation to go to work each day. Hear from a number of our patients why IPA Physio is the best choice to help you eliminate pain, improve your body’s function, and achieve your goals.

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Let’s Use Movement as Medicine

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