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IPA Physio Steamboat (JJPT) has won the “Best of the Boat” award for Best Physical Therapy Practice every year since 2014!

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Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy is committed to providing specialized care for individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain, complex sports related injuries, and neurological disorders. We offer this care in a supportive and encouraging environment with an emphasis on directed self-responsibility.

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About IPA Physio Steamboat

Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy (now IPA Physio Steamboat) has been a part of the Steamboat Springs community for close to three decades! We specialize in managing complex conditions that may have not been solved by other medical interventions. If you feel like you have lost your quality of life, come to IPA Physio to discover how we can help you regain the quality of life you deserve.

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What We Treat

The IPA Physio Team Approach

Our Role

The therapist’s role at Johnson & Johnson Physical Therapy is to identify the underlying dysfunction perpetuating the presenting clinical symptoms. The therapist then works together with the patient to develop and implement a personalized treatment program, which includes state of the art manual therapy, body mechanic training, and exercise.

Your Role

The patient’s role at JJPT is to commit 100% to the program. This involves doing your exercises, applying daily what you are taught about body mechanics, and providing accurate feedback to your therapist about your progress. In addition, it is the patient’s responsibility to inform the therapist a week prior to a follow-up physician’s visit so reports can be provided. Also, it is your responsibility to make sure your physician prescription is current. Remember your rehabilitation to achieve your potential and return to an active lifestyle is a team effort!

Team Approach

The therapists at JJPT function as a team and they will often consult with on another on complex patients to ensure the highest level of care.  Because of the diverse specialties offered by each therapist, patients are often scheduled with more than one therapist to receive a complete well-rounded approach to the treatment of their problems. While patients can be seen without a physician’s referral, it is the preference of the staff at JJPT that all patients are treated in conjunction with a referring physician.

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