Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

IPA Physio operates as an out of network provider because of our mission to provide the highest quality methodical physical therapy. The increasingly restrictive medical business model necessary for an “in-network” insurance-based PT practice is not aligned with our mission and it does not support our patient-centered Functional Manual Therapy (FMT) Treatment Model.

Therapists in traditional and physician owned “in-network” PT clinics have to see at least 2 patients/hour (often 3-4) and utilize multiple technicians and assistants to apply non-specific exercises, stretches and modalities such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation. In today’s health-care climate, these “in-network” practices have contractually agreed to accept reimbursement rates equal to half (or less) of what they bill.

This low reimbursement translates to a PT typically spending no more than 15 minutes of one-on-one “hands-on” time with each patient and supervising multiple other patients at the same time to compensate for the low rates.

At IPA Physio, we cannot justify having you (or your insurance) pay to perform simple exercises and apply modalities that the research no longer supports. In many ways, insurance companies dictate or at least influence the treatment that patients receive at these clinics, and with the invaluable tools that FMT therapists have to offer, we refuse to let insurance companies or non-PT owners dictate the quality of treatment we are capable of providing you.

Every patient at IPA Physio receives 60 minutes of direct one-on-one care consisting of hands-on treatment using the FMT approach, specific exercise prescription, and extensive education resulting in improved outcomes at a faster rate. When you consider the amount of commute/travel time saved (due to fewer visits) combined with the value of resolving your pain and improving your performance much faster than normal, the out-of-pocket expense at IPA Physio is an incredible bargain.

More often than not the answer is YES, although it is dependent on your particular insurance plan. As a complimentary service, IPA Physio will contact your insurance provider and discuss, in detail, your benefits with you and how your plan will benefit you under our care allowing you to focus on the more important (and less confusing) things in life.

Unfortunately, PT practices owned by physicians have been shown to provide even less adequate skilled care due to financial interests of non-PT owners. When energy and focus is placed on squeezing every dollar, less emphasis is placed on the quality of care being provided.

A research study by Mitchell et al. in 2015 found that low back pain patients who were self-referred (referred to and attended a PT business with which the physician had a financial interest) received fewer PT visits, more (ineffective) passive modalities, and incurred double the average costs as compared to patients who were not self-referred.

Although a physician may refer you to a physical therapy facility in which the physician has a financial interest, you are entitled to seek treatment from the physical therapist of your choice.

The Consumer Bill of Rights protects your right to a choice of health care providers that is sufficient to provide you with access to appropriate high-quality health care.

No, not all manual physical therapy is equal. Many manual therapies are passive, in which the patient receives treatment. The FMT approach is so effective because it is an active approach to manual therapy, incorporating active movement and active participation by the patient. This is what makes it ‘functional’ and leads to greater results. Also, the therapists at IPA Physio have attained or are working towards advanced certifications in manual therapy.

We take the headache out of dealing with insurance.

If desired, we will submit all necessary paperwork to your insurance company on your behalf following each session. Pending benefits and eligibility you will received reimbursement checks mailed directly to you covering a percentage or the full cost of your treatment.