Neuromuscular Function

Nerve to muscle communication is like a light switch.  Pain turns this light switch off and your body does not turn it back on automatically.

How Your Limitations Are Impacting Your Body

How well does your brain communicate with your muscles? Does your brain remember how to contract your muscles as efficiently as possible? The first muscles to stop working when pain or inflammation occur are your core muscles. This then causes your larger muscles — known as your global muscles — to overwork. When this happens, your body develops movement patterns that allow you to function, but add additional stress to the already damaged or dysfunctional joints and tissues.

Communicate With Your Muscles Correctly

It’s imperative once we restore mobility, we also restore the ability for the right muscles to
contract at the right time. This doesn’t mean the muscles have become stronger, but that
your brain remembered how to contract them more efficiently.

Improving Neuromuscular Function

At IPA Physio, we assess your brain’s ability to contract your core muscles, as well as your muscles’ ability to fire at the appropriate time. Sometimes, it’s not that a muscle is truly weak, but that it’s inhibited — the nervous system is not actually telling it to contract. By facilitating these muscles, we often see immediate gains in strength, reflecting the improved communication between your muscles and your nerves. Based on your body’s individual needs, we develop an exercise program to best facilitate the muscles required for your daily activities.

Let’s Use Movement as a Medicine

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