Mechanical Capacity

Feeling tight or stiff? It’s likely you have restrictions in the mobility of your body’s
joints and soft tissues. Restoring efficient mechanical capacity is the first step to
restoring your body.

How Your Body is Connected

Your body is a matrix of tissues, interwoven all the way from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. This interconnectivity is not only linear, but also three-dimensional. For example, the skin of your neck is connected to the skin of your legs, and the fascia and extracellular matrix throughout your body connect the skin to your muscles, your nerves, and even your internal organs. To put it simply, a lack of mobility in any of these tissues can cause an overall loss of body function.

Reduce Restriction and Improve Mobility

Because of this interconnectivity within your body, it’s essential your therapist trace and isolate the restrictions
associated with your symptoms, as a way to identify any associated limitations elsewhere.

Quickly Restoring Mobility

We use a comprehensive method known as Functional Mobilization (FM) to optimize mobility in the human body. Our FM techniques involve hands-on treatment of:

  • Soft tissues
  • Neural structures
  • Visceral systems
  • Joints

When combined with advanced palpation skills and an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, these FM techniques are highly effective at restoring mobility. In order to achieve these dynamic results, the FM couples specific movements with localized pressure to enhance the mobilization. By using the patient’s active movements, mobility is quickly restored and there is an immediate reintegration of the improved motion into the brain’s awareness.

Let’s Use Movement as a Medicine

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