One on One Treatment Sessions

Life-Enhancing Individualized Care:
We treat the source of the issue, allowing you to experience a body that works.

Our Belief

Every person has untapped potential in their body. We believe advanced physical therapists, those trained in
Functional Manual Therapy®, are the most equipped medical professionals to discover your potential
and get you a body that works.

IPA Physio Treatments

We offer treatments with an advanced physical therapist who is trained in Functional Manual Therapy®, and who can provide highly skilled interventions you cannot perform on your own. You’ll have the opportunity to to participate in one-on-one sessions, each focusing on individualized patient education and instruction for home exercise programs.

Our Role

Our role is to first identify the underlying cause of your clinical symptoms. From there, we will work with you to develop and implement a personalized treatment program, including state-of-the-art manual therapy, body mechanics training, and exercise.

Your Role

The patient’s role is to commit a hundred percent to the program. This involves performing exercises, applying what you’re taught about body mechanics, and providing accurate feedback about your progress. Your rehabilitation and return to an active lifestyle is truly a team effort!

Team Based

Our clinics are dedicated to providing the best care for each of our patients, demonstrated through our therapist’s willingness and commitment to working as a team. This environment of team-based treatment allows for input from multiple providers to ensure nothing is missed. At IPA Physio, our clinicians will do whatever it takes to guarantee you get the care you deserve.

Patient Managers

Since a large number of our patients come to us directly without a referral from a doctor, our physical therapists often serve as managers for your medical care. As your healthcare advocate, we will refer you to other medical professionals when necessary, and we will help guide you in finding the absolute best practitioner for your specific needs.

Let’s Use Movement as a Medicine

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