Eric’s Experience

At IPA Physio, our goal is to make a dramatic difference in the lives of those we
treat. Each patient receives the same care and attention needed to ensure their
lives are as pain-free as possible.

Eric’s Experience

After a ski accident left me with a compound fracture in my leg as well as a broken kneecap, I thought my days of walking and running normally were all but over. After my surgeries, I found Pete at IPA. Working with Pete completely changed my course of recovery. Within one session, I knew that with his help and training I could reach goals I never could have imagined when I was first injured.

Working with Pete at IPA completely changed my course of recovery.

Restored Quality of Life

I worked with Pete continuously and his incredible knowledge, unwavering work ethic, and full dedication is the main reason why I was able to recover back to my old self. Now I am able to play basketball, softball, bike, run, and do yoga. I can truly say I would not be where I am today without the therapy I received at IPA.

I would emphatically recommend IPA Physio to anyone!

Let’s Use Movement as a Medicine

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