Sue’s Story

At IPA Physio, our goal is to make a dramatic difference in the lives of those we
treat. Each patient receives the same care and attention needed to ensure their
lives are as pain-free as possible.

Sue’s Story

“One year after a serious car accident I had lost hope for my recovery… Then I met Foster King at IPA Physio”

After a serious car accident 1 year ago, I have been struggling to recover my function despite dedicated time in rehabilitation and regular chiropractic care.  I had lost hope for my recovery.  Simple activities such as sitting, standing, walking, carrying groceries and laundry were debilitating and greatly limited my quality of life.  The car accident had also created issues with urinary continence.

Since meeting Foster I have found hope again!

Discovering the Path to Recovery:

Since attending my sessions at IPA Physio, I have restored bladder control, greatly improved my mobility and posture as well as am able to sleep comfortably through the night.  I have been able to return to competitive car racing, attend my normal exercises classes, go for walks and perform all my daily tasks without pain! I feel like I am on the road to a full recovery.

I couldn’t be more pleased with IPA Physio’s level of service, professionalism and deep knowledge of the human body. I am thrilled that I was able to connect with Foster at IPA Physio!

Let’s Use Movement as a Medicine

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