Leah – Irritable Larynx Syndrome Resolved!

At IPA Physio, our goal is to make a dramatic difference in the lives of those we
treat. Each patient receives the same care and attention needed to ensure their
lives are as pain-free as possible.

Leah’s Story

After the birth of my son I developed a chronic cough that was life altering. I went to specialist after specialist trying to determine the cause and find a treatment plan that would help. I was finally diagnosed with Irritable Larynx Syndrome which could account for all of my symptoms. The sad part was even with a diagnosis, my chronic cough still continued! This was all during the time of Covid which means I was looked at like the plague with every cough. I tried diet, speech therapy, injections, inhalers, meditation, and prescription all with no success. I was feeling hopeless until I met Jimmy Armentrout and started physical therapy. His ability to safely manipulate my neck and relax my muscles allowed for almost 100% reduction of symptoms. After a few months of therapy I was able to do things I refused to do because of my cough. I was able to get through the grocery store, attend church, see a movie etc. I am so thankful that this therapy has worked and has given me my life back.  

Not only does he fix the problem but helps you to understand why you are having the pain and correct the behaviors causing the pain.

Let’s Use Movement as a Medicine

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